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1) ((LIAR)) and ((CHEATER))
2) dating a ((SKANK/HOOD-RAT)) like eleni letsou (also check out eleni letsou here on urban dictionary)
3) thinks he's cool cuz he's ((MEXICAN))
4) thinks he's cool cuz he has ((GLASSES))
5) ((CHEATS)) on all his girlfriends
6) makes that ((STUPID FACE)) when he thinks he's being slick (well guess what, he's not)
7) thinks he's totally ((SLICK))
8) has ((MESSED UP)) teeth
9) likes to think he's a ((PIMP))
10)ally holder's ((BITCH))
11)calls his dick ((FRED))

cock sucker
cock sucking mother fucker
penis with ears
mexican bitch
mexican pussy
bitch-ass liar
the world's sloppy seconds
ugly mother fucker
'this man has no penis'
'this man has a pussy'
man whore
dumb fuck
dumb ass
me: u cheated on me with ally!
jovan: that's disgusting!
me: didn't stop you from being her fuck buddy before you started going out with me now did it?!
jovan: .....
me: uh huh...BITCH!! go fuck yourself!
jovan: .:walks away with nuttin to say like a lil pussy:.
by An Ex Girlfriend May 13, 2004
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