A journal article. Pretty self explanatory really.
Now that was a great journicle on how the economy works.
by Hitchett March 03, 2010
Top Definition
An abbreviated form of the phrase 'journal articles', commonly used by psychology students to deal with their stress. The term was originally coined by Sarah McGlinn.
I read over 100 journicles for that fucking assignment.
by David N Ross November 13, 2007
Made up by the honourable Thomas Mylne in conjuction with the great works of Nisha Varsani and Seda Gencsoy, this word replaces the complicated overused word "journal article" making research for student much more simple.
We should really look for some journicles to support our research into these transgenic salmon.
by Tommy:) October 04, 2008
An academic journal article

Coined by me Daniel Jacques at McMaster university in Ontario Canada in 2003.

No Joke

Never heard it before that. I really got tired of saying journal article.

Spread first through the nursing program because I had a friend in it.

I wonder if it existed before that, lol.
We need five journicles for this assignment.
by Sir Danius June 02, 2011
noun: an academic journal article
College student 1: I'm so swamped with writting research papers.

College student 2: I know right! I'm so sick of reading journicles.
by Keather Maurtin December 06, 2010
An article found inside a journal.
*whilst looking for references* "I just found a journicle"
by erna11 November 18, 2011
Peer-reviewed journal articles; mostly used by graduate students and during semesters in which summaries of journal articles are to be turned in in mass quantities, therefore making the shortening of "journal article" to "journicle" appropriate and necessary.
"Awe shit, its midnight and I have three journicles left to summarize by 8am."
by Nicole E. April 16, 2008
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