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A jewish douche bag. When calling someone a jew as an insult just isn't enough.
( Guys playing halo)

Bobby: you killed me! you jewtard....
Colin: heyyy what can I say

...Colin: Dangit Bobby! your a jouche bag!
by Jouche bag February 07, 2009
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a jewish douchebag, typically found in places like Goldman Sachs, most hedge funds, most law firms, anything that involves making large amounts of money for doing non-essential tasks that contribute nothing to society.
Damn, why are hedge funds like SAC and Third Point headed by such short, hairy and greedy jouchebags...
by WASPavenger2 July 25, 2010
Word commonly associated with douchebags that's name start with a J.

God Bless America
Josh Flaws is a Jouchebag.
by sexyMexi42 April 08, 2011

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