A shitty program that lets you watch crappy TV over the interwebs. Only available if you run windows or Mac OSX.
Guy 1. "Hey, have you checked out Joost?"
Guy 2. "No, but I heard its more useless than a mules sack, I think I'll stick with hulu or megavideo."
by crazy1291 March 01, 2009
Top Definition
A great achievement or accomplishment.
Last week you had a big joost!
That guy has made a great joost!
by Greetzz March 15, 2008
A Dutch Mentalist, who resides in the East London. Instantly recognisable from a strange tic, which involves the placement of his right hand to his forehead at 30 second intervals. Hobbies include making guys happy, and being a muse for hard drinking poets.
"I am Joost, it rhymes with Toast"
"I must go home and make a guy happy"
"I think you are making a pause out of what I am saying"
by Peldon March 25, 2004
One who cheats blantently in what he/she does. uses outside help to accomplish a semi easy task
Sammy Sosa was a Joost when he used performance enhancing drugs while he played in the MLB.
by Bob Engleson October 18, 2006
A man who can't see its own penis because he is to fat.
Im to fat, im a total Joost!
Dude, you are such a Joost!
by Greetzz May 19, 2008
Another word for nerd

is commonly found in a habitat which contains memorabilia, merchandise, and other displays of worship towards the following: star wars, harry potter, megaman. has been spotted engaging in a peculiar form of cannibalism (i.e, eating large pieces of skin off of the surface of his own face).
dude1: "so what have you been up to this weekend?"

dude2: "I stood in line to get the new Harry Potter book while wearing my starwars pajama and playing megaman on my Nintendo DS"

dude1: "you're acting joosty today. all you need to do now is consume some dry flakes off of your scalp"

dude2: "can't, i ate it all last night...."

dude1: "have some of mine."
by Kill all Joost November 22, 2005
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