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1: a non-mathematical constant that when applied to any word, phrase or conversation, reduces (or elevates, depending on your perspective) that word, phrase or conversation to its lowest (or highest) level of graphic sexual innuendo; the lower (or upper) limit is yet to be discovered.
Driver 1: "Should I get off at this exit?"
Driver 2:(NON-JONNYE FACTOR)"Yes."
Driver 3:(JONNYE FACTOR)"Only if you brought some lube and a wet-wipe."

Person 1: "Boy, I had a hard day."
Person 2:(NON-JONNYE FACTOR)"Gosh, sorry to hear that."
Person 3:(JONNYE FACTOR)"At your age, I'd think you'd be celebrating, not complaining!"

Person 1: "Wow, did you see that horse peeing over there?!?"
Person 2:(NON-JONNYE FACTOR)"Oh, my."
Person 3:(JONNYE FACTOR)"...(gazing and smiling nostalgically)...why, yes... yes, I did..."
by JurisPrudence March 09, 2005

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