Making fun of someone; negatively commenting on something about a person
Person 1: "Yo what the hell is she wearin? Look like she got dressed in the dark!"

Person 2: "Aww!! Why you jonin??"
by klb2005 September 11, 2006
Top Definition
to make jokes or insults towards another person
man he be jonin and you don't know it
by BX!!!!!!!!!! WHAT! WHAT! April 12, 2005
to cut on another, make fun
Yo that nigga was jonin on yo mom
by t daddy March 10, 2003
Verb: To make derogatory remarks towards someone or something
Oh, you jonin'? We finna bang.
by Dorno July 27, 2009
to just go into someone's house and take food without their permission.
Everytime John Melfi goes to Pete Scanlon's house he goes jon'in in his pantry.
by Sohil Doshi June 25, 2005
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