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majorly chilling out
i love jonesing the fuck out with helen wardley
by mateeyyy laaaa October 05, 2010
to have a strong need, desire, or craving for something.
see also: jones
Sheeeit beeeitch after smokin' dat weed I'm jonesing for some grub!

Shaniqua is mad jonesing for Rasheed, dat bitch follow him around everywhere.
by Nick D March 18, 2003
the act of needing something badly. Usually related to chemical dependency.
I've been jonesing for a joint all day.
by Grant November 08, 2002
Exhibiting a strong craving or desire for something eaten, imbibed, or taken as a drug. Comes from opiate culture.
Man, I'm *really* jonesing for a cup of coffee right about now.
by Dennis October 10, 2003
After Jones Alley, NYC 1960's. Craving for addiction.
Jonesing for a hit
by SLBear May 11, 2010
comes from neighborhood crack addict/favorite local "Mr. Jones" of Madison, Wisconsin who would wander State Street looking to score.
You wanna go downtown? You look like you're jonesing real bad.
by ElScorcho July 30, 2007
Pure boost. Next to fattuzing. Makes up events that don't happen, and dips with his wifey. Light skin that say truuuu. Trey song? Probably not.
"yo guys come to the park, my boy is bringing speakers. Truuuuuu"

by Real niggy July 01, 2013
When an MLB player gets signed a big contract or a contract in general and doesn't do jack shit for their team. Derived from Andruw Jones who signed a 2 year $45 million contract for the Dodgers and didnt do shit.
Juan Uribe with 2 World Series signed with the Dodgers is Jonesing it up with them in 2012 hitting .190
by Alweeeezy August 04, 2012