Failed comic whose anemic career inexplicably gained new life when he was cast as the anchor of the ersatz "news show", The Daily Show.

Catering to a niche audience of disaffected moonbats and chronically-unemployed basement dwellers, Jon became an instant darling among Leftist media critics and awards show judges by delving into the completely original, unchartered territory of misrepreseting and then making fun of the misrepresented version of the Bush Administration.

Jon's writers drew in a slavering following of easily amused pseudointellectuals through the simple expedient of substituting thoughtful satire (which is based in reality) with heavy-handed absurdity (which consists of setting up and knocking down strawmen). His followers recognized the difference, of course, but because the target was the usurper of the throne which they believed belonged to the Democrats by Divine Right, they deemed it irrelevant.

Jon endeared himself further to his faithful rebels-without-a-clue by appearing on a political opinion show and chastizing his hosts for....opining about politics. His mouthings of trite anti-establishment talking points cemented his celebrity status as a Champion Of Justice.

After every hundredth or so joke at the expense of Republicans, Jon will slip in a token jab at a Dem, just to make sure everyone realizes his heartfelt desire to be an equal opportunity lampooner

Jon often projects evidence of his analytical prowess by furrowing his brow and cocking his eye. The patented "knowing look" he often shoots at his audience as soon as any conservative guest starts speaking is rumored to make him a shoo-in for the next Nobel Peace Prize.

He thus joins the ranks of such paragons of honesty as Michael Moore, Al Sharpton, Dan Rather and Rhandi Rhodes in the Speaking Truth To Power Hall Of Fame.
Did you see the photo of a monkey standing in the Rose Garden Jon Stewart had on his show last night. I laughed so hard I lost my bong hit! What a genius.
by dandi56 March 09, 2008
The coolest guy to have ever come from Lawrenceville, New Jersey. In fact, the only cool thing to come from the shithole that exists between Princeton and Trenton.
Jon Stewart's the coolest cardinal grad ever
by GoddessofSnark December 28, 2005
Someone who is and always will be 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
times better and smarter than Glenn Beck.
(Regarding a CNN anchor's unwillingness to challenge a guest who used phony statistics to prove a point.)

'Why don't you call them on their bullshit?! You're an anchor for fuck's sake!'-
Jon Stewart
by starwarsgeek133 September 05, 2010
Host of Comedy Central's The Daily Show. Stewart replaced Craig Kilborn in 1998. Since his reign he has transitioned from somewhat political and very hilarious to extremely political and not that funny. He is also known for his work as a stand up comedian, appearances in various earlier MTV programs and supporting roles in movies.
"Hey did you watch Jon Stewart last night?" "Yeah, I didn’t know George Bush was responsible for the holocaust." "You learn something new every day."
by Bruno Mueller November 16, 2005
j-ahn stoo'-wart (n) Overly revered, under-talented comedian/political schill who hosts the highly partisan "The Daily Show." Stewart appeals to the bread and circuses crowd by using only parts of many news stories rather than the full accounts. By reporting that "George Bush sent unarmed women into Iraq today" rather than including the remaining "to bolster the ranks of the medical corps' nurses" Stewart is able to garner a few laughs from the armchair/dope field warriors plaguing the nation.
"Come on. Is that the full story, or are you giving me the Jon Stewart version?"
by snoobo August 29, 2007
Comedian who had mediocre fame and success in the 90s, and then became very successful when he took over as host of The Daily Show. This meteoric success can be chiefly attributed to his patented eponymous Jon Stewart formula which has earned him countless droves of sheep-like fans that believe he craps gold and pisses sunshine, who automatically agree with his every word.
See other definitions for Jon Stewart on UD to get somewhat of an idea of the rabidly fanatical deity-like following that he has.

See definition for Jon Stewart formula to see secrets to his success.
by klopek007 March 06, 2010
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