Jacking Out Loud. Typically used in an Internet chat or text-messaging environment. Also used to express genearal woe, e.g. the feeling one would get if caught Jacking Out Loud in public.
Dude, that guy was caught jacking off in the phone booth. He was JOL.

After being caught masturbating by his mother, Bobby felt quite joled.
by Baftey the Snowman April 21, 2007
Jacking off log. A blog, diary, web page or porn board thread where participants write entries to document acts of masturbation or hesturbation. Logs can include time, aids used, intensity of orgasm, amount or quality of seminal fluid, and masturbatory fantasy.
I thought about you last night. If you want the details, go read my post in the jol.
by Olivia_yearns November 16, 2006
Malawian expression meaning come her!
Jol, and then we´ll weave down burg
by Peter wedege June 08, 2005
(verb)- To Jump Out Loud
to be so impressed by a person's knowledge of Hungarian that you literally jump out of your seat.
Abbreviation: JOL
So there I was, minding my own business, when my bffl came on Facebook. I thought I would converse with her using basic Hungarian phrases, but her brother actually knows some complex Hungarian. He was like 'Értem' and I was all like 'JOL!' and I hit my head on a low-hanging beam.
by Erillie September 07, 2010
Stands for Jolly Old Laugh
Man: Look at that fat woman over there!
Other man: WOW LOL LOL (Breaks into a Jol)
by Geoffry Huntsman September 28, 2005
an irritating git, that has nothing better to do than stare the living day-lights out of you. Imagines himself fucking every boy that he see's (cough)cough)david.
a irritating boy
by mr hello March 25, 2004

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