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when a joke is said quietly to a friend and that friend repeats it loud enough for the entire room to laugh.
Joke poach:
teacher: belgium is the cockpit of europe, and im not talking about aeroplanes
student 1: (to friend) i dont think anyone was thinking about planes
friend: haha, (loud) MISS! i dont think anyone was thinking about planes!
student 1: dude u totally poached my joke
by jokepoacher July 01, 2009
When you tell a joke to someone and then that person tells another person the same joke you just told them. The less time between the first telling of the joke and the second the worse it is.
Merrick- why did the turkey cross the road?
Wyatt- I don't know
Merrick- To prove he wasn't chicken!
(Ethan Enters)
Wyatt- why did the turkey cross the road?
(Wyatt is a joke poacher)
by merrick d August 07, 2008
when you tell your friend something funny and they then tell it to every one else to make them seem funny
tom hansen joke poaches all the time
by itslunchtime687 July 23, 2009
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