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i love my school, even more, i love where my campus is located.....

i found out what the 2 giants gray steel doors down the street are for, about 30-40 years ago, providnece was flooded from the naragansett bay, the water covered the whole city about 3-4 feet deep, probably didnt help that half pf providence used to be the bay, but got filled in, but ya know. so they have the doors to control the flooding. hey what a good idea! the only problem is, we are on the wrong side of the doors, lol, great! then ot the north of my campus once stood a salt pile that was easily 150 feet high, just beyond that is a sewage refinery plant, which smells excellent, to the east of us, theres salvage yards, and some docks for cargo ships, and huge tanks filled with methane for who knows what. to the south, we have one of the most polluted bays in the north east, and to the west we are surrounded by the ghetto, litterally. and also to the north east we have about 50 or so gigantic tanks of natural gas. oh! and to top it off, my campus is right in the middle of the number 2 most likely spot for a terrorist attack. thats awesome! i could die at any time! in so many ways!! I FUCKIN HATE THIS GOD DAMN STUPID SCHOOL!!!

and thats just the area around the school, dont even get me started about the school itself...
by steve April 05, 2005
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