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A newcomer or latecomer, especially a recent adherent to a cause or trend.
Apple Computer Inc. is a johnny-come-lately, since the British record company Apple had trademarked their logo previously.
by dude mcdudey April 06, 2006
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A newcomer to success; being new to wealth, and having relatively little culture, he spends it without caution or prudence, often with a penchant for the very modern or fashionable. Essentially he begins to do all the things he thinks a wealthy person ought to do, and in the process draws a lot of attention to himself.

He is easily told apart from those more accustomed to affluence by his preference for brand new, convertible German sports cars, and frequenting expensive, highly-visible chic cafeterias for lunch. Everything he wears is brand new. His taste in art is poor or lacking. He lacks essential social graces and may have little or no sense of humour. Anyone caught being on the cellphone en route to the golf course is probably a JCL.

Essentially he remains a socialite, so he is likely to be seen amongst other JCLs and, when not playing golf, an entourage of young, good looking but always overdressed gold-digging women desperately trying to fall pregnant to him.
"So, the Vittoria for lunch?"
"I avoid that cafe, it's full of johnny come latelies."
"I must say, that entire shopping centre is the same. I saw this johnny come lately perusing the jewelry store window while on his cellphone talking about golf"
"It's the suburb. Full of rich youngsters and soccer moms."
"I concur. Let's go to a bar downtown instead."
"Sweet. At least the women there want more than our wallets"
"I was thinking along similar lines."
"Let's not tell our wives"
"Let's not"
by MrKapper Is Back November 20, 2012
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Someone who shows up late, often.
by m267 June 25, 2009
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Johnny Come Lately- Someone who shows up late, often or jumps in front of a queue in a cheesy fashion.
*People are waiting in traffic and then the green light shows, the person at the front see a cheesy faggot drive in front of him.

Person in the car in front "Oh you little Johnny Come lately"
Person in another car "You fucking cheesy faggot"
by Swatch January 03, 2013
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a man that has trouble getting his penis up.
mike had a johnny come lately moment tonight.
by amandaerinlauren February 14, 2007
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