February 26, 1932 in Kingsland, Arkansas - September 12, 2003 in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

Country singer, Outlaw Country Movement.

Married June Carter Cash.

Was known as the "Man In Black".

11 Grammys, Country Music Hall of Fame, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Hollywood Walk of Fame Star.
Johnny Cash's last single before he died was "Hurt".
by Swarsfanatic May 15, 2005
Country Music + Personality + Attitude = Johnny Cash

He was great, he had a great message. Like others have said, he MADE rock n roll, punk, anything worth listening to.

God decided Jesus wasn't worth sending back to earth, so he gave us Johnny Cash and Joe Strummer.

Then he killed them both.

Rest In Peace
Billy: "Who's Johnny Cash."
Me: "An amazing musician."
by Jack Townshend March 11, 2006
Johnny Cash is and will always be the most influential country star.

Many folks look up to Johnny Cash as an influence because his music was true and deep.
by Tha_Dawg October 22, 2006
n. A severe beating

Sometimes the only way to set someone straight is to invoke the wisdom, spirit, and life experience of the world's most respected troubadour. When diplomacy fails, you might just have to give somebody a Johnny Cash to get your point across.
1. Ah, that loudmouth over at the end of the bar stepped outta line pretty bad with that comment about my sister. I think I'll go over there and give him a Johnny Cash real quick.
by Sargent Soul Spank August 02, 2010
Johnny Cash (Verb).
To Johnny Cash is to sing a Johnny Cash song while creating a beat on a nearby table with the palms of one's hands.
"I didn't know you were Johnny Cashing" "I will Johnny Cash later"
by Sam Carpenter KBE July 26, 2006
A "Johnny Cash" is a slang term for a Nashville Tennesee pay toilet, often found in gas stations and bus stations.
Dude, I'll be right back, I gotta hit the Johnny Cash.
by Guest149602 July 07, 2010
Johnny Cash 1932-2003 A.K.A Best Country Rock n Roll Singer ever. Married to June Carter Cash
had 1 brother and i think 1 sister his brother jack (oldest out of the two) was killed at around age twelve by a sawing accident to the chest and died in hospital from blood loss. Johnny Cash Sung to the radio since he was a little boy and new just about all the lyrics to the songs that the radio played. Johnny Also had a run in with drugs and it took 13 years to come off the Thingsand from then on never went back on them.before June Carter He Was married to a lady named rose but the two just couldnt get long.
There is no example for this Johnny Cash Message
by Cohenjd January 13, 2008

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