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johnny closet(n)- a slang/ street term originating in the early 1900's meaning restroom or bathroom.

as referenced in "My Name is America: The Journal of Finn Reardon; A Newsie" pg. 5 paragraph 2;

" There are rules against us using the johnny closet".

Now I could be wrong but that's what I gather without too many context clues but hey! it makes sense to me! so here it is raw and real you little poop sharks! I'm going to go smoke some Alaskan Sniperfuck and get the fuck outta this popsicle stand, peace!
I went around the corner and realized I had to pee so I turned ran to the johnny closet!

Jorge went to the johnny closet to leak the lizard.
by sir piss pumper September 25, 2013

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