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John is the name of a sexy, handsome, adorable, cute as can be guy. He is usually paired with girls named Marissa, because a John is the only one who can handle her craziness. John is a perfect guy to date because he is caring, loving, protective, loyal, trust-worthy, hilarious, romantic guy who will do anything to make his girl happy. John will not let his girl go for anyone else; he is very protective. He is moody on occasion and will only open up to someone he knows he can trust but when he does spill what's on his mind he can be very emotional and shows that he has true feelings. John will not let this out to just anyone though. John also has a playful side that shows when he hangs out with his many guy friends. John is a man who is respectable, successful and intelligent. He usually is an extremely good athlete which puts him in amazing shape. His body is tight and very muscular with gorgeous abs, biceps, and legs. Johns usually do not realize how amazing they are and anyone who tries to tell them will not get through. John is a tall brunet with very tan, perfect skin and dark brown eyes that hold many secrets. His gaze will make any girl's stomach flutter. John's kisses are passionate and filled with his love for you and he is AMAZING in bed. John is an fabulous man and any girl who is with him is crazy to ever let him go.
"Wow! Who's that amazing shortstop? Number 5? The tall brunette? He's fucking hot!"

"I just had an amazing night with my husband, John. We had a romantic dinner and then amazing sex! God he makes me feel so good!"

"OMFG John is so fucking funny!"
by mars52610 August 29, 2011
31 17
John is infinite and multi-faceted. He is generally a level headed person but when he comes under pressure and is compelled to make a decision thats when things get vexed.

John is tall has brown hair and a tan, perfect skin and blue/green eyes that hold many secrets. John has great legs and nice muscles. John is a kind compassonate individual. He is a man of complete integrity and exemplary manners. He is a man of little words, believing that his actions will speak louder than words. He has a dynamic work ethic. He is strong, handsome, sexy and beautiful. He is intelligent, funny, loyal, trustworthy, full of charisma, loving, teasing, sweet and thoughtful.

John always likes to plan and think ahead for the most part. John strives to do things for the better, hardly selfish, observant and loves his family.

He leads a very intense life and proves himself hardy in doing so.

A guy that is outgoing and friendly. Everyone knows of him but he keeps very few close friends. Shy and quiet but usually willing to open up to you when you get to know him and he knows he can trust you. Then he can tell you what is on his mind and can be very emotional which does bring about his true feelings.

John has a playful side to him when he feels at ease with someone that he befriends. He can then be a total goof! Once you befriend John he will be your friend for life. He is loved more than he'll ever realize.

John is simply like the Heavens above, SUPREME BLISS.

Tender Kisses
Joyce: "Why are you smiling?"

Girl : " I'm smiling because I have a John in my life."
by Tender Kisses April 28, 2013
12 0
The coolest person ever and should be awarded the medal of honor for his awesomeness. He also is great with computors and is epic at sports.
"Hey John your awesome!"
John, "I know."
by byoc December 29, 2011
17 5
john is a name of an awesome guy.john is a great guy, he is to the extreme guy and one of a kind. UNIQUE!
Guy 1: Oh my god it's john i so wish i could be as cool as him.
Guy 2: I know exactly what you mean he is awesome!
by TeddieLover August 01, 2011
28 16
John-A well rounded character.Intelligent, funny, dashing, corny at times, loyal, trustworthy, athletic, hardworking and determined but knows how to have a good time and is often optimistic but human, so like everyone else has his own problems, usually kept to himself.He is full of life and particular and careful Of love, he doesn't have patience for stupidity and ignorance.Plans/ thinks ahead for the most part, and very charismatic, has Maney friends and aquatences.Can hold grudges but lives and learns.Observent and loves his family.Will make the right woman feel like a queen one day,who compliments his vast personality and I.Q.gets caught up in conflicts often but only because he's strongly opiniated.Stands for what he believes in.Doesn't need a woman for abborant sexist tasks and enslavment, but to thrive and grow and experience the planet.Independent and has a bit of a dark side some find enthralling.Witty, and for the most part self virtuous.Tries to do things for the better and the sake of what is good, hardly selfish and with pain and injustice towards himself and his peers maturly or tries his best.John is simply like the universe, full of mystery beauty and greatness.
"so you say he's wise,hilarious,good-looking, an charismatic?"
"Yeah like I said he's everything!"
"Must be John"
by <KamikazeRomance> January 13, 2012
18 8
A John is a sexy beast with an amazing sense of humor. He's smart, a bit geeky, and an awesome guy to be around. A John without pants is automatically a win in every situation.
"I wish I were a John." "John is the coolest guy ever."

"Whoa! Look at that sexy model!" ... "No way, man, that John has his pants off! Win."

"Hey look, I just ran a marathon!" ... "You know what's even better? That pants-less John over there."
by tennantfan June 06, 2013
8 0
The most perfect person in the world.
John is perfect.
by C.S.2012 October 06, 2012
15 7