When you put your balls in a girls mouth and make her say "Brett Farve" and "BOOM! Tough Actin Tanactin".
The other night I gave that ho a sweaty John Madden
by G-Rad December 27, 2007
(A) an amazing guy who won't work that hard but will no matter what be hugely successful because of the original gangsterness of the john madden,
(B) a rare case where someone is named john madden and everyone asks him if "the john madden" is related to him, and john madden always makes up stories about being related to this "the john madden"
(C) a drunk koala bear that just found out it had 37 different kinds of STD's
John Madden is failing school - Mr. Meterson
But he managed to get into Harvard because he is a stellar person - Ms. Very-Sexy-Lady-With-A-Desire-To-Bang-John-Madden
by johnmaddenisme January 31, 2009
Football is his life. He is the most american man there will ever be, and you should not disrespect the man. He is football, and football is him.

And he does not jump on team bandwagons, it's his job to love every team.
"Football is my Life. I don't know what I would do without it"
- John Madden
by I hate Ignorant people July 30, 2006
A measurement of how mad someone is.
1) From one to John Madden, how mad are you?
2) Steven is so John Madden right now, don't even talk to him.
by Blarghff November 27, 2013
*waves hands in your face*

Boy : Hello John Madden
John Madden : FOOTBALL!!! *while waves hands in face*
by Doom November 28, 2003
see madden
john madden is the greatest coach ever
by maxzilla June 22, 2003
A fatass who just so happens to be thee symbol of american football. ^_^ rumor has it that he is black.
-John Madden

"Why do you think black people are so popular? It's because of John Madden. John Madden is black!"
-my older brother; something in that context
by Dave March 30, 2004

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