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Adjective - Something of a notably flamboyant, impressive or relatively neutral manner.

Verb - May be used in place of any verb if sufficient prior contextual foreword is provided to allow your conversational partner to deduce the meaning of the sentence.

Is often used as an exclamation of joy or bemusement.

Origin: from the Portugese "joga bonito"
Person 1 - I just saw Barry jogabonitoing down Alfred Road - and get this - he's wearing those dumb pants that his grandma jogabonitoed him last christmas!

Person 2 - The same ones he wore when he jogabonitoed Sally at the disco?

Person 1 - Those very ones! I swear I could still see the jogabonitoi stains on them!

Person 2 - Oh gross dude! Jogabonitoi!
by Dshar December 24, 2012
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