Kind of Mohawk worn by a jock. Most commonly a soccer player. Shaved sides, usually not very tall, and wider then normal mohawks, 3-4 inches wide. Maybe an inch long on top, rest of head completely shaven. It is a completely rad hair style.
Soccer player 1: yo man im tired of my stupid hair

soccer player 2: hey! get a jockhawk!

soccer player 1: good idea!
by Tyler Butler August 04, 2005
Top Definition
when jocks get mohawks in a vain attempt to be cool.
dude check out the jock hawk on that guy
by maggieeeeeeee July 03, 2006
A half Mohawk located on the top of the head rather than running all the way back.
The Jock Hawk is not a good hairstyle.
by Gabe asturd December 04, 2006
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