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makin cash money pimpin
I'm joccin' on yo bitch ass
by akrbvfekj March 31, 2007
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to copy off of what someone else has done
boy-dont you have that same shirt that she got on

girl- yea that girl stay joccin
by tey13 May 24, 2007
To joc on someone is to find them physically attractive and to want to be physical with them. It is similar to crushing on someone, but this is less school girl and more like you want to jump them.

When you joc on someone it means you really dig them physically. This has nothing to do with personality.
Me: "Hey Anna, is that dude still joccin on Emily?"

Anna: "Yeah, he totally gives her the look every time she's around, I think I may have even seen him lick his lips"

Almost every girl in the world right now is joccin on Taylor Lautner.
by nerdgirl9000 November 25, 2009
To be cocky and confident; to let all the hos know who is boss and not take shit from any crazy bitches; To let a ho know her role.
I was joccin the bitches and slappin a ho..
by Bob-Bo December 12, 2007

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