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a romance with the jonas brothers.
a combonation of the words jobro and romance.
catherine- i have an official jobromance after listening to their cd!
by catherinelovesjoenickkevin(: July 11, 2008
when a teenage boy or even grown man has an unusual obsession with the jonas brothers (kevin,joe,and nick jonas)
girl: like omg i am so obsessed with the jonas brothers!!
guy: omg me too!!!!
girl: ...
guy: im having a jo-bromance
by maddiekayy July 10, 2008
Having a huge love for the Jonas Brothers
I am having a Jobromance
by MrS.nIcHoLaS jOnAs July 22, 2009
The term JoBro-Mance means to be "in love" with one or more members of the band, the Jonas Brothers, (being that they are totally hot/cute, and they have thousands of lovers, it is necessary that there be a whole, separate word for this kind of crush) Most of us girls (um...or some boy-ish weirdos who are having a JoBro-Mance are also afflicted with a serious, incurable, and EXTREMLY contagious disorder called OJD (Obsessive Jonas Disorder)
The term JoBro-Mance can be used in a sentence like so:

I' having a JoBro-Mance!! <3
I'm not just in a romance, and it's not only a "bro-mance,"'s a JoBro-Mance!! <3
Nick Jonas is so cute, Joe Jonass is so hot, and Kevin Jonas is so cool, I can't help from having a JoBro-Mance!
(Frankie's the man, too!!)

I must admit, I am having a JoBromance, and am the worst found case of OJD...EVER!!!!
by Catherine Lawrence April 26, 2008
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