A musician who is doing the gig for the money, without having a long term commitment to the band.
AC/DC seeks bass player;we are looking for a long term band member, no jobbers please.
by Little Stevie Wonder May 04, 2006
somebody who makes somebody else look good in front of other people
james is being a real jobber how many times does he job to me
by craggle69 November 21, 2009
Someone who turns up uninvited and smokes all your marijuana. Whom only complain and fails to make any conversation other than 'well this is exciting'..
'The Jobbers have turned up again'
'OH NO! The Jobbers!'
'We must find away to avoid the jobbers'
by Pjflo June 16, 2008
One who has been gaming for a long time, but is still a very big newbie in the gaming world.
"What?! He just TKed me? What a damn jobber!!!"
by ... June 21, 2003
To put it simply, one who is a "FAYGET"
That jobber can't even dribble a damn basketball.
by balla543 June 24, 2014
Someone who frequently jobs in professional wrestling.

A midcard wrestler who's entire existance is to help other wrestlers look better.
Chris Jericho was a jobber in WCW, but the WWF made him the King Of The World!
by Mario Rogic January 15, 2003
A male or female whose sole purpose is to provide the other person with a hand job or blow job. There is no relationship between the two people and, in fact, one person or both may be married.

Similar to a fuck buddy except no intercourse is necessary.
Guy to chick- my wife isn't giving head like she used to, she thinks she's too good for it now.

Chick- I'm not getting enough either, I'll be your jobber!
by LoCee March 06, 2013

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