Most commonly a hot blond guy who is attractive, very sportive and good with the ladies. Respects them and has a lot of fun. Owns at computer games,girls like him and is simply the best.
Girl 1: Have you seen that hot blond guy
Girl 2: yea, his name is job
Girls 1&2: Aww hes so hot, I want to date him.
by Wise-man February 05, 2009
Used with "the" to mean excellent, awesome. Originated from Robotrek. See shit, bomb.
1) That song is SO the job.
2) That's what you say, but evil is good. Evil is the job.
by Joshua J. Slone June 23, 2003
Jets up Over Bitches
The trillest set to rep, rapper Curren$y's Jets fly high , Jets up over bitches... Jets over everything..
Guy 1) M.O.B mutha fucka
Guy 2) Na ma dude, its J.O.B nigga stick to the scirpt
Guy 1) I jizzed..
by KidVic September 25, 2011
1. v.- kissing your boyfriend while he's taking a poop and your bestie looks on.
2. n.- when you leave for work and your bf is on the crapper and you want to smooch him goodbye.
"Honey! Where are you?"

"I'm on the shitter!"

"I'm leaving for work! Gimme a J.O.B.! Before you leave light a match! Love you!"
by The_Beast_from_UD May 06, 2009
Short for the word jobby that defines poo or fecies.It is comonly used as a good secret joke between friends in everyday life when one mentions a his/her job and all urban dictionary readers may chuckle mindlessly to eachother
-I just did the biggest job, it was bigger than me
-I am an athlete, my job is running
-Excuse me but I have to go quit my job.
-Lets go to the bathroom together, it will be a job fair
by splerteeki August 22, 2006
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