Jets up Over Bitches
The trillest set to rep, rapper Curren$y's Jets fly high , Jets up over bitches... Jets over everything..
Guy 1) M.O.B mutha fucka
Guy 2) Na ma dude, its J.O.B nigga stick to the scirpt
Guy 1) I jizzed..
by KidVic September 25, 2011
1. v.- kissing your boyfriend while he's taking a poop and your bestie looks on.
2. n.- when you leave for work and your bf is on the crapper and you want to smooch him goodbye.
"Honey! Where are you?"

"I'm on the shitter!"

"I'm leaving for work! Gimme a J.O.B.! Before you leave light a match! Love you!"
by The_Beast_from_UD May 06, 2009
Every one wants job for security. by
by avrillohan September 16, 2008
something catergorized by race
White-lawyer, doctor, pop star, wigger
Black- rapper, dopeboy, pimp
Hispanic- McDonalds, assmebly line
Asian- restaurant worker
Arab- casino owner, convience store owner
Italian- gangster, hitman, butcher

"Man, I need a job..."
by MayaEA July 10, 2006
"kill people","work hard for no money","having its dick blown"
is just an excuse for everything
i´m just doing my job
by nuketheworld April 20, 2003
Extremely versatile verb. spelled like the more common "job", but pronounced "Yob" like you're Swedish. When used creatively, hillarity ensues. May be used to describe a bodily function, inaproriate outburst, or clumsy reaction to stimuli.
"Oh, damn, you're jobbing all over my pants!"
by Martin Hansen February 05, 2004
Something that taken dedication and hard work.
Mark Samuels doesn't have a job
by beezyy October 22, 2014

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