Job - (Verb) is the act of making a fist with one hand, raising that hand over an un-expecting person's head and then using a north to south motion hitting the unexpected person on the top of their head with the bottom of your closed fist.
AJ i'm going to job you if you don't stop.
by 215 May 19, 2007
Can't find one in this crappy town. And no one on this crappy college campus has enough money for me to steal. So i am FUCKED.
I wonder if i could just get a blow job. From someone other than my roommate.
by The Great X-wing Ace March 26, 2003
jump of a bridge.

1)used to dismiss somone.

2)preforming a suicidal stunt.

bob: hey page, wanna go out some time?
page: JOB.

chuck: i got JOBed for asking for another raise.
randy: wow that's such a JOB.

by gadiri August 28, 2007
Jerk Off Backwards= What life gives you most of the time. The way the world can be backwards, and how things don't make sense.
Bush is a J.O.B type of guy.
by Tricia-Anne August 17, 2007
"Joerb" Joreb,Jorreb,Joerb, ah never mind.
You did a great Joerb out there Homestar. (a couple of days later) You did a great Job (yeah) out there Homeastier.
by Homestar June 14, 2003
the act of, or actions of a girl who consistently commits the act of oral sex. The result of a girl putting herself out to numerous numbers of guys
Get off me you kait jobs.

Kaitlin you are such a job
by L dumpaa March 02, 2009
Say this word alone or in a sentence to scatter basketball players or layabouts.
"Hey, Yo Yo !- I got a Job for each of you- it pays well!"
by Mike Barnaby December 25, 2006

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