Something I need to get but can't find.
I can't find a job and it sucks.
by supernintendochalmers September 23, 2011
1. a job, career, occupation

2. backronym for "Jail Outside Bars," the idea being that having to perform alienated labor is as oppressive, in its own way, as being in prison. One is in a kind of "jail," even though one is "outside" of any physical "bars" that would force you to stay there.
dude1: Why weren't you at the party last night? It was crazy!

dude2 sadly: I was stuck in the J.O.B..
by Mr. Trousers November 02, 2012
1.) Abbreviation for the sarcastic uses of "Good Job," or "Great Job."
1.) 'Job!

2.) What on...? 'Job.
by Jack "Yours Truly" November 13, 2007
being paid to care for shit you do not actually care about
when are you gonna resign from your job?
by mademoisellevanta March 21, 2015
1. To look up information on your Apple device

2. To dick around on your Apple device

3. To communicate via your Apple device
1. Can you Jobs the score on ESPN for me?

2. Quit Jobsing before you get smartphone dead leg, slut chops, and make me some bacon!

3. Will you please be my textretary and Jobs Steve about that rehearsal?
by Arianrhod2012 September 02, 2013
to beat someone violently with your fist.
i'm gonna job you in yo bidness
by jozef April 25, 2005
Something that taken dedication and hard work.
Mark Samuels doesn't have a job
by beezyy October 22, 2014

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