Something I don't have
I don't have a job, so I go to the nearest shopping center and freeload off of people
by 3plus3equal6 February 24, 2008
A suffix that can be added to nearly any body part to create a sexual connotation
by Jammers September 13, 2005
Something I ain't got!
I need a job. I ain't got one.
by Yenson December 02, 2003
Maker of fine quality rolling papers.
Jake stopped and picked up a book of JOB papers to get the night rollin.
by take5burn1 February 04, 2010
To lose to someone in professional wrestling upon request or demand.
Hogan made every wrestler job to him, to make him look better.
by Mario Rogic January 15, 2003
A Word used to Decribe Hard Work
Ahhh this Life is such a Job
by Tom Bambridge March 03, 2008
1.What you wish you had right now, instead of looking up definitions of it.

2 It's also another term for soul taker, similar to marriage.

Tom: Wanna here a cat joke.
Rolf: No, im trying to fill out applications for a job.
Tom: LOL, just kitten.
by Lucrece July 07, 2012

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