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1)A Singapore idol contestant who sailed through to top 5 without any talent, kicking the bests singers off the coompetition.

2)Noise pollution

3)Signifies the need for ear muffs.

4) Musically disabled person.i.e no musical talents

1) Joakim Gomez is still in the competition despite the judges telling him to allow his voters to make a dignified exit.

2) Mum was screaming again. "Could you please stop that Joakim Gomez!!!"

3) If you do a Joakim again, Ill have to sell you an ear muff!

4) "A Joakim cannot take part in SINGING competition!!" said Tina angrily, while throwing eggs at a wannabe Joakim.
by fujiofujiko August 26, 2006
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