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latin meaning: die you freaking butt muncher.
Also means to rape that monkey jumping on top of that hot busty chick on the dance floor.
Bob- Who's that girl?
Lin- Jomomma!!
by Lin<3 October 07, 2007

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Your mother.
I would like to fuck jo momma.
by drugger August 06, 2003
(jo mäma)
Variant of yo mama

1.)who i took home last night; my bitch.
2.)an insult that can be used at inappropriate times:

sito- Hey dre, what character did u pick?
dre- jo mama!

3.a person who engages in sexual activity with the opposite sex often:

I was with jo mama last night!
by Dre August 28, 2003
(jo mäma)n.

1.Who i took home last night; my bitch

by Anonymous August 28, 2003