A Japanese national. Often used by foreigners living in Japan, usually military, to refer to Japanese co-workers or friends. Not considered offensive.
"Dude, did those JNs come over to drop off the car?"
by Jay E. October 06, 2003
Top Definition
A word for cigarette, originated from Shrewsbury. Its a code name when around others like parents.
Josh: Hey do you wanna go for a JN after?
Ali: yeah sure.
Mum: What's a JN?
Josh: Just a game of football mum.
by SamVenables July 04, 2011
An abrreviation for 'just now'
<Dude1 has signed on>
Dude1: Dude! I got laid jn!!
Dude2: Orly? Was it the blonde or the brunette?
Dude1: Yarly! Brunette
Dude2: Sweet you got aids dude ha
by Drujon May 30, 2008
Noun- A word used as an extreme insult against people who invite themselfs over all of the time and our never welcome.
Why is that JN here. Someone kick him out, he smells funny
by piog hater February 27, 2005
Noun-A very offensive term used to insult people who invite themselfs everywhere even when there not welcome.
Get that JN out of my house. It smells funny.
by piog hater February 27, 2005
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