A white wannabee ghetto person who likes to straighten Tina's curls...
He enjoys Tila tequila and greets people saying HEY GIRL HEY!
J-man's are also very naughty and like to play with handcuffs!!
J-mans have an anmazing model walk and likes to think that he is crunk!
Hey girl Hey he is such a j-man!
by Melissa Moore May 30, 2008
Top Definition
The coolest individual i have ever had the pleasure of meeting and sharing a house with.
supportive, friendly, drinking buddy, comedian and personal trainer
have u met this guy, he is jman
by phil brady May 06, 2010
an intelligent guy who is TOO lazy to actually use his 'smarticles', always wants to be the leader, wants to please everyone & keep them happy despite his problems, is hyper, can be a bit of a liar sometimes. he is super corny in a sweet way. before he makes one move he analyzes how it would affect him, those around him, if its worth it, ect. he`s also a bit of a manwhore & a bit fake at times, but overall, he`s awesome ! don`t let a jmen walk out of your life .
Person- heey who`s that awesome guy u know?

Person 2 - oh him? he`s Jmen. (: he`s pretty awesome

Person 1- i can tell, he is such a good leader.
by DWAI SON August 23, 2011
(JAY MAN) Noun/Adjective/Verb/Other
1) A term used by a group of kids of S-Dub to describe just about everything.
2)A way of exclaiming something, or pointing out that something is a) messed up, b) retarded, c) awesome, or d)morally shocking.
1) Oh JMAN I'm loaded with homework tonight.
2)Oh JMAN! That girl just dumped you for no apparent reason!
3) He just beat his wife with her own severed leg! JMAN!
by [Brett] September 19, 2006
A word used to describe someone suffering from the disease Joseph's Albinism. The person with this condition has a very white complexion that at times you can't even see them. At around the age of fifteen they develop a muscular back and large biceps. Their hair looks asian and their sideburns stick out so much that they are also known as mud flaps. J-man's also have a fetish for teachers and being handcuffed. Also 70% of J-men carry around 1GB USB's maxed out with pornographic material.
by a-non-y-mo-us September 13, 2009
the act of fucking your friends ex girlfriends as a guise to cover your obvious homosexual tendencies.
j man : hey noah, i just fucked jakes ex girlfriend, wanna seran my gay face and hot carl me , or just cornhole my gay ass really hard!!!!!?
by noah von wiener taker January 02, 2008
1)strong manly man that thinks he is perfect and everyone else is less important then him.

2)classic rock loving person
3)athletic and very good at what he does(not very much)
that cocky person. what a j man.
by big t 7 October 29, 2007
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