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The ak-47 of "just kidding" used to express the ultimate form of non-seriousness. A variant on jk, used in roughly the same manner, however with more emphasis on the joking aspects.
Nick: Dustyn, I totally banged your mom last night, and it was super stinky.
Dustyn: Dude, not cool.
Nick: jk-47! It wasn't stinky!
by SomethingVagueNM January 02, 2008
In context, JK 47 means the same thing as jk, or, "Just kidding". Although, it is more of an intense jk as it bears a wordy resemblance to the gun, AK 47.
"Man, I totally just robbed your house!"
"JK 47, dude."
by Wilheim April 23, 2008
When you intend to do harm with a statement or phrase, but play it off like you were kidding. Is not used when talking to the person emotional harm was done too.
(To the slut Martha) Hey martha. I hear you blow EVERYONE. Ahah JK.

(To Friend steve) Bro i just shot up martha with a JK-47.

Damn i bet that bitch feels like shit!
by Kevin John McCormack March 13, 2008
Automatic lyricist. Spits like an automatic from the grill to the mic. Also means one bad muthafucka. More deadly then an AK cuz its a JK. Defines life and fashion. Ultimate supreme being.
"I wouldnt even fuck with the JK-47, thats to much power for me, to much skill involved there."
by JK December 17, 2004
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