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Used not only for hot chicks, but for anything that causes great happiness and gratification.
Here are some examples of 'jizzworthy' items:

- Hot chicks
- Taco Bell
- Popeyes
- Donuts
- Various video games (i.e. goldeneye)
- gamewinning shots in the nba
- other such sports moments (homeruns, etc.)
- nice cars

you get the point..
by Ben October 31, 2006
Something so incredibly awesome it is able to make you jizz or any thing equal to cumming.
That headshot from 400 yards away was jizz-worthy
by kyle_kahn February 06, 2011
When an event or object is so good that it would be worthy of secreting sex juice over.
Wow that new movie is so good its Jizzworthy
by The RubberDuckZilla June 09, 2009
a word that describes how good something is.
Jack: No way, did you see that video

Ajay: Yeah, it was Jizz worthy
by j_ball13 November 25, 2011
a type of girl who is beyond hot, and deserves her own classification. It is insulting to call a jizzworthy girl simply 'hot,' and your friends will probably shitkick you if you decide to use 'hot' to describe her
Guy 1:"Dude, that chick is hot."
Guy 2:"What the fuck? She's fuckin jizzworthy you moron, go fuck a dog before we beat your lily ass all the way to fucking Mexico."
Guy 1:"Dude, chill. I was just kidding, I already jizzed my pants."
by Master of Pimps May 21, 2004
jizzworthy is an adjective.
-worthy of jizz
-so good it makes you jizz
-as good as an orgasm
-induces a desire for sex with
"that boy is jizzworthy"
"these mozzarella sticks are jizzworthy"
by allenthedude November 02, 2009
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