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Normal or provocative pictures, as well as clothing and underwear boyfriends and guys ask for from their girlfriends or girls for when they go away to masturbate to.

Jizzmat = jizz material
Boy 1: I can't wait for camp!
Boy 2: Ya, me too. I asked Rayna for some jizzmat, but she wouldn't give me any!
Boy 1: Same with Antoinette!
by raypearls June 25, 2009
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A person whose torso serves as the collection point for someone else's semen.
George used her as a jizz mat, but Rhoda flung some of his cum back in his face.
by SlagsWife January 07, 2010
female or male who enjoy large quantities of sperm in their mouth or on their face
Niko, stop being such a fucking jizz mat and come here!
by scrodum tazzer August 20, 2009

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