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a gay man

someone who swallows cum

a bitch that goes down on anyone
Jacks little sister Meg is one hell of a jizzler. That bitch went down on me last night and DAM!
by Sabertooth nigga November 30, 2004
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(Jizz-lur) Noun.

A fanatic of Jared Followill, the youngest Followill and bassist of Kings of Leon. Originated on the famous Kings of Leon forum, HappyAlone.
frontiercity at 3:40am: I'm a JIZZLER and I'm PROUD OF IT! *kisses picture of Jared*
by Frontiercity May 28, 2009
When you fill any candy, preferably a Twizzler, with semen.
"Last Halloween, the local pedophile me a Jizzler. I didn't know what to do so I kindly accepted it."
by Professor Magnum Dong November 25, 2013
very fat; ball shaped; fucks ugly chicks; apetitie that can never be satisfied; likes to talk shit behind friends backs
you should go to the gym fatass before you look like jizzler.
by james jigsaw December 15, 2008
Just another name for a twizzler but a little more sexier
Hey gimme some o those jizzlers!

Sure here you go. BTW that was so sexy how you said that
by kmpkid3 September 10, 2008
First sticking finger up arse, then cumming on the same finger. With the arse-stuck jizz-covered finger, you proceed to rub it over the top of someones lip (like Hitler's famous moustache) whilst they are asleep.
Ned, I'm going to Jizzler you when you are asleep.
by YouGotJizzlered May 31, 2009

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