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Also .. 'jizzin my shiz' , can include words : on, in, around, all over, up, etc.

These all can be used in different context. But basically it translates to "you are messing with, or on, my person or belongings.

'Jizz my shiz' on the other hand means fix something up or make it better. gaying up the sitch

These phrases were coined by me and a mate in Aug 2010 whilst camping at Byron Bay, NSW Australia.
You're jizzin my shiz!
You're kidding, you're joking, you're pulling my leg.

Stop 'jizzin on my shiz'
Someone getting up in your face or space.

My boyfriend stayed overnight, we was 'jizzin my shiz'
To physically jizz on someone/something

Sure! 'jizz my shiz bro.'
Means fix something up or make it better.
by ozipete October 20, 2010
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