The gift left in her mouth after oral sex
jizzidue is a gift when she's only done oral sex to you.

Don't accept oral sex from a girl at a party with jizzidue on her lips.

When there is jizzidue BEFORE you slide your penis in her mouth for the first time you're getting someone else's jizz on your penis. NASTY
by jizzed her mouth October 29, 2012
Top Definition
sticky mixture of silicone lube and jizz (and sometimes sack sweat) often found on keyboard keys, mice, doors, and faucets.
when no parents home i don't have to stealthsturbate: porn, lube, boxers off, both hands, loud, orgasm repeatedly. But that can be messy leaving jizzidue from the computer through cleanup into the bathroom.

masturbating with boxers off guarantees no jizzidue on your clothes.

leave jizzidue on her face or jizzidue in her mouth if she finishes the handie with deep oral sex. I haven't left jizzidue in my boxers since elementary school.

impossible to not leave jizzidue in fleshlight or when bottoming out similar pleasure devices or pleasure orifice

jizzidue in her ass is contraceptive
by happymixture October 29, 2012
basically its the residue thats left by jizz
TEENAGE LAD; i'm so embarressed, my mum went to wash my boxers last night
FRIEND; went to......????
TEEN LAD; yeah she couldnt get them out my room!!!
FREIND; ????????????
TEEN LAD; they were stuck to the carpet by the jizzidue
by SeeDJStu June 24, 2010
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