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1. A really big penis with the owner having the associated ability to blast huge loads upon reaching climax.
2. One of the best pimps ever to play the online game "Idlepimps"
"So did you lay some pipe last night?"
"Yeah, I threw her the jizzcannon and she started screaming like that Kim Catrall in Porky's"
by Jizzcannon January 26, 2009
8 2
The male member,
Slang for a male whore.
I used my jizz cannon to cream her biscuit last night.
He is such a jizz cannon.
by Hutch April 23, 2003
15 7
street name for a thorough african american male from 39th and Poplar street, west philadelphia
Damn, that fella reminds me of Jizz Cannon the way he deals with the ladies, gets his money, and has his mind right!
by jay dot canTnonE September 05, 2003
4 16