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1. The scrotum.

2. A contemptable person.
"Give me the five bucks you owe me, you jizzbag!"
by tradesman March 31, 2003
37 8
A bag, preferably plastic, that your porn addicted roommate skeets (or jizzes) into while you're away and then reuses for 3 days and you discover when you're looking for a place to throw your apple core away and end up with your roommate's skeet all over your hand.

*He eventually throws said bag away when his family comes to visit, while they are in the room.
"Dude, is that a jizz bag in the middle of your floor? That shit is gross. WTF is wrong with you? You should just do that shit in the shower."
by Lucifer Grammaticus October 30, 2007
41 12
(slang) A condom or anthing that sheaths the penis for the purpose of retaining semen.
Always wear your jizz bag because you don't know where some of those girls have been
by JamesPeach August 12, 2004
66 42
1. A condom
2. A scrotum
1. "I did it so much that the jizzbag popped."

2. "They hit me right in the jizzbag."
by Some White Guy February 18, 2003
11 2
1. A used condom

2. A person of equal value to a used condom, usually used to describe males. The female equivalent is jizztube.
1. Dude what the hell is your jizzbag doing in my bed?!?

2. You're such a jizzbag.
by Aziz, the bringer of LIGHT January 06, 2009
7 0
1) A real fuckin idiot 2) bag for holdin' jizz
1) My roommate is such a jizzbag. 2) Pick up this jizzbag before my mom comes.
by Skiz November 23, 2002
10 3
Scrotum. See also jizz
Stop scratching your jizzbags Pete, you need a jizz jar.
by ud40 July 21, 2006
1 2