can be a liar or a cheater. A dumb/stupid person.
Get away from me you jive turkey!
by WiseDraco April 02, 2008
akin to: sucka, fool, mo-fo
I ain't talkin' to no jive turkies, slick.
by Big Daddy August 16, 2003
someone who talks trash or junk
Ed: Hey sweetie how you feelin'?
Lady: Fine
Ed: Fine lookin'? or Feelin'?
Lady: Both
by Eddie June 30, 2003
A secret communist Turkish settlement for all those speaking jive. The inhabitants of this nation are known as Jive Turks.
Jive Turk: Airport security spent 20 minutes frisking me just because I'm from Jive Turkey.
by Jive Turk April 16, 2005
See "Homey" or "Homeskillet"
Wassup, my Jiveturkey?
by Homeskillet February 06, 2003
A retro faggot who clubs all night and thinks he's still in the 70's
sheila: yo man did ya see that poof at da club last night?
gangsta: Yeah, wat a fuckin jive turkey
by ghetto_supastarr July 07, 2005
some people say that a jive turkey is a person that talks shit and has no clue what they're talking about however the uncommon definition is a total fucking badass who gets tons of ladies
guy one: Hey see that guy over there
guy two: yeah what about him
guy one: he's the biggest jive turkey
guy two: o so he talks a lot of shit and actually has no clue what hes talking about
guy one: No dude he's a total fucking badass ass who gets tons of ladies
guy two: really?
guy one: ya his kind is also known as a jive turkey of another feather
by guyone June 02, 2008

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