When a man who struggles with his sexual orientation allows another man or multiple men,to bend him over a couch and repeatedly ravage him. This could persist for hours or even days and sometimes entire groups or organizations of men take thier turn on the one being ravaged. While being probed the gentlemen keeps both arms in a chicken wing shape and takes the form of a turkey. The men must climax inside the "Turkey" and this counts as the stuffing. Afterwards the men leave and the one being asspounded goes back to pretending to be a heterosexual.
Ahh man, i heard Jim spent all weekend being a Jive Turkey for the high school football team.
by The R.S. Lazer October 24, 2011
1. Someone who lies all the time.

2. Someone who does unbelievable (usually bad) things.

3. An arrogant disrespectful punk who is full of crap.

It is considered by many to be the most insulting word. ever.
1. Sean said that he beat Andrew in madden '09, but he didn't. What a jive turkey.

2. Calello. What a jive turkey.

3. Mick and Theo think they can beat Chris and Harry in 2 on 2 basketball, what jive turkeys.
by BarryJive December 11, 2008
A. Someone in a green house who thinks they know what theyre talking about but really.... they do not.

B. Someone who will suck another man's D for money or to get called up from B
Andrew thought he knew what he was talking about but in reality, he is a jive turkey
by obalsajiveturkey69 April 25, 2011
A term used in a phrase randomly which instantaneously causes dance.
Peterson: "Did you just call me a Jive Turkey?"
John: "LET'S DISCO!!!"
by Aspalar November 16, 2010
a term black people used for white people in the 70s
Black Dynamite thinks Kyle is a jive turkey.
by THe better of the jet pair February 23, 2011
someone who talks a lot of shit, either a complete liar or someone who is so full of shit they think they are telling the truth
1) george bush
2) bill clinton

your local used car salesman is a jive turkey. Anytime someone tells u a car is flawless and then tells u to get the extended warrantee is a jive turkey
by Jacques February 22, 2004
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