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a. One who speaks as though they know what they're talking about...though they do not. b. a bullshitter.
by Frank July 24, 2003
A person that talks as if they know something they do not. A liar. Someone who constantly reminds you of how awesome they are but they are the opposite of awesome.
Jive turkey- "I'm so awesome, you'll never meet anyone as awesome as ever"

Me- "shut yo mouth....fuckin jive turkey"

"Look at that chick taking selfies like she's a model, she's such a jive turkey"
by C. Alice November 24, 2014
someone who doesnt grind and cant do anything right
"OMG, bret's such a jive turkey"
by 2k72 June 23, 2016
Detagatory word for a jerk, asshole, douchebag,a know it all but really they don't know shit.yhat person in your group of friends that no one likes to hang out with. A fuckin loser just the worst.
Douchebag. Jsckass asshole. Jerk.
Know it all but not really.

Look at this jive turkey on the corner playing his guitar like hes hosting a live concert.
by shavov5 December 28, 2013
1. Someone who does unbelievably bad or jive things.

2. Someone who is an arrogant, disrespectful, fool who deserves no respect.

3. A liar.

1. Sean just stole my snickers bar, and then punched Tyler in the face, what a Jive Turkey

2. Mick just popped 11 jumpers in a row on Theo, what a jive turkey.

3. Chris told me he won the lottery, but he didnt. What a jive turkey.
by BarryJive November 18, 2008
Someone who exaggerates to the point where it's over the top and they are way full of shit. This person hasn't learned the meaning of overkill when it comes to building themself up or buttering someone else up. This is often a child who is trying to flatter an adult with sophomoric compliments. This is often used as a sexual ploy as well. A big insult in the African-American community.
Lily is a little girl who will tell you that you have the bluest eyes she's ever seen and the whitest teeth. She's a jive turkey.
This dude was trying to holler at me asking what a nice girl like me was doing in a place like this. What a jive turkey!
Alexandria is a pathological liar, and is Queen of the Jive Turkeys.
Someone was trying to mack to Daddy Pimp Juice's girl and she told the Jive Turkey to step off while listening to The Ohio Players song "Jive Turkey."
by MadamexXx February 24, 2009
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