Someone who is super jive'n
Lee is such a jive turkey.
by jive around October 14, 2010
A. Someone in a green house who thinks they know what theyre talking about but really.... they do not.

B. Someone who will suck another man's D for money or to get called up from B
Andrew thought he knew what he was talking about but in reality, he is a jive turkey
by obalsajiveturkey69 April 25, 2011
A term used in a phrase randomly which instantaneously causes dance.
Peterson: "Did you just call me a Jive Turkey?"
John: "LET'S DISCO!!!"
by Aspalar November 16, 2010
a term black people used for white people in the 70s
Black Dynamite thinks Kyle is a jive turkey.
by THe better of the jet pair February 23, 2011
tofu turkey, tofurkey
We are having a vegan thanksgiving with jive turkey and all the fixings!
by jilmn November 02, 2010
someone who talks a lot of shit, either a complete liar or someone who is so full of shit they think they are telling the truth
1) george bush
2) bill clinton

your local used car salesman is a jive turkey. Anytime someone tells u a car is flawless and then tells u to get the extended warrantee is a jive turkey
by Jacques February 22, 2004
jive-a language used by african americans in the 70s and 80s

turky-which is a girl whos obviously been stuffed alot

conclusion-black slut
damn, that bitch is a jive turkey sucka! yeah ive even stuffed her.
by coffee_black August 04, 2010
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