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1. a: n. a contemptible person, usually in terms of his/her limiting civil liberties, or in terms of poor fiscal management.
b: n. one who repeatedly uses his/her power in such a way as to intimidate alleged subordinates by means of foolish and ill-advised tactics, e.g. withholding documentation and/or necessary forms when offended
c: n. one who enjoys being on the receiving end of a donkey punch
2. a. pr. n. a President of Purdue University without a clue.
3. a. v.trans. to remove emphatically without direct action on the part of that which removes something
2. a. Rosco really got jischked when the VP sent word to liquidate his job; that VP sure licks the taint, eh?
by Russett Burbank November 11, 2003
A miserable piece of shit who's secret police are out to get me. What a douchebag.
Purdue is a fine institution, but President Jischke is a cum biscuit.
by G.D. Eppenboo November 02, 2003
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