The gooey liquid that runs out of the bottom of a trash bag.
when carrying a trash bag out, it is the liquid that runs out of the bottom of the bag and leaves a trail. Jipe is created, it must grow from inside a trash bag, a combination from all sorts of different trash

Jipe Wars-Where two people fling trash bags around in an attempt to get the jipe to hit the other person. Disgusting!
by Crumbs61310 January 22, 2010
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The act of giving oral sex.
"he's running jipes"
by Jipes Masta January 25, 2006
Semen, Jism, Cum
Damnit. I got jipe all over my keyboard.
by furl June 15, 2003
verb. to jizz in one's pants.
that cake looks so good that I just jiped.
by insizlane October 16, 2011
A device to smoke marijuana. A small version of a pipe, also known as a one-y, a one-hitter, a bat.
Hey, load up that jipe real quick so I can take a rip.
by gordo117 January 23, 2007

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