1) when sum1 shoots u yell out jinx n it means u want them 2 screw up..
2) u can say the same word as someone at the same time and then say jinx right after... and that person can't talk unless sum1 says their name, for every word they say under jinx u can punch them
.. you got jinxed BITCH
by yeLLoJellO May 04, 2004
Used to counter an unfavourable remark, must always be followed with analysis of previous remark.
"Oi Roy, your a cock!"
"Jinx!! I couldn't possible be a cock, if I was I wouldn't be able to do this" *action is made that a cock could not perform*
by Eliot Bradshaw January 07, 2004
a person or thing that brings bad luck (from a term for a curse of bad luck)
This DVD player may be a jinx.
by The Return of Light Joker December 08, 2009
Jinx, usually a nickname given to a person who is clumsy, ambitious, musical and above all, one of the boys. Jinx' are extremely intellectual people with high IQ and looks to die for. They draw attention from all around and GOD are they sex on legs.
"I tripped over today in Math today! I'm so clumsy! Bobby saw it."
"Don't worry Jinx, you're too sexy for him not to want you, you clumsy tiger."
by Fluffy Bunny Eats Carrots September 18, 2009
Term describing a person focused on himself more than anything else. Extremely self-centered. Tends to be one with his computer, devoting countless hours alone in the room with the computer. Needs a life. Thinks that life needs to hand him the world on a gold platter.
He's such a jinx.
by GTX5 May 10, 2004
Jinx "Da Rhyme Sayer" - Master of yer ceremony slash mind slayer.

Mr.Nice Guy wishes he could shake a rice shaker like Jinx "Da Rhyme Sayer"
by Fin Llama / Nicol Bolas June 02, 2003
The art of pleasing several women at the same time. Named for its founder.
Those ladies were smiling all day because they got Jinx'ed.
by whiteboy77777777 September 28, 2009

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