crappy, third-rate, no good
"Man, this website is jinky. Half the links are broken, and the layout is ugly."
by kaelsleeps February 29, 2008
a person who is full of angnst and shadiness
i see you rolling your eyes at me. why you gotta be so jinky all the time?
by Brigette July 26, 2006
A word meaning a cannabis cigarette (spliff), originating from Velma's classic line "Jinkies!" in the stoner cartoon classic, Scooby Doo.

If this sounds like absolute shit, that's because I'm really high and think it's beautiful.
"I rolled a jinky this morning, mate."

"Hey kid, wanna come for a jinky with us?"
by Stalinsays January 12, 2008
tormentor of players, ubstoppable
by DT October 09, 2003
Stoned, wrecked, honky
I'm jinky tonight man...
by Lewis1983 May 30, 2005
crooked, or sideways, cockeyed.
mrs. gross has some jinky ass eyes.
by adam February 24, 2005
Pair of twins, mostly regarded for being homosexual
the jinkys are trying to kiss John-allan!
by Anonymous September 04, 2003

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