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The gaudy and sometimes riduculous looking jewelry that is worn during the Christmas season, including earrings that are shaped like Christmas trees, necklaces that light up with tiny Christmas lights, etc.
Oh my god, did you see Bertha wearing all her jingle bling today in the office. Those earrings that were little Christmas bells and that Santa sweater should be banned in all civilized nations.
by Bubba Adbul Ledbetter December 22, 2009
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All the ornamentation and lights that a particularly festive individual hangs up on the exterior of his or her home, to the extent of being too bright and flashy; possibly becoming a traffic risk do to it's near-epileptic inducing qualities.
I was driving down through my neighborhood and almost hit an old lady crossing the street because I was distracted by all the decorations covering Mrs. Wilson's house. Too much jingle bling!
by Whitewolf719 December 02, 2011
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