Japanese for "Felon", or "Evildoer". Often foreigners are told this is simply a corruption of "Gajin" (Japanese for "foreigner") in an attempt to poke fun at them.

In Kanji: 人外
Japanese guy: "Gajin Jingai!"

American guy: "What'd you call me?"

Japanese guy: "....a foreigner."
by PLogan July 03, 2013
Top Definition
人外, a new term introduced in Japanese manga, which refers to non-human creatures who usually involves in some sort of relationship with humans (especially love).
The main male character from 魔法使いの嫁 is a jingai, and the manga itself is a jingai manga.
by Dagnabbit! December 17, 2014
A "very cool" (supposedly) way of saying gaijin that Americans will most likely not recognize. It's merely the switching of the syllables of gaijin.
Rumi: Jingai bakari! (nothing but foreign barbarians here)
by Ukchana December 24, 2003
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