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1. noun. a small human-like mythical creature with the ability to fly rapidly from one place to another and stop in mid-air. This creature is believed to communicate insignificant things about the future in coded messages, by using their light emitting arms. The fly path depends on its mood. When happy the fly path is in the form of a capital letter E in cursive, when upset or furious they fly in the form of a middle finger. When hungry the fly-path is inconsistent, or if they crave a certain type of food they will spell the first letter in it. ex T for tacos. The Jinetti are indigenous to Finland, and fly for their 10 month winter to Mexico or where ever it suits them. Few have seen the mating rituals of the jinete, the ones who have, claim it is the most erotic thing they have seen in their mythical mating observation careers. However the fact that these observers believe in mythical creatures, makes that claim useless. Tinkerbelle and other similar characters are based on the Jinette.
2. Jinete- spanish for a person who rides a horse while skillfully maneuvering it.
3. verb. to move about rapidly to different locations with one clear goal in mind, and leaving a trail of your purpose everywhere, or making sure everyone knows about it.
4. verb. to let someone know something about your feelings or purpose, by using everything in your power except words or written language.
The political candidate running for council, jinetted the neighborhood with signs and posters. Ex. Person a says “I’ve been trying to jinette you all this time, but you didn’t get it.” Person b replies “ why didn’t you just tell me?” then person a frustratingly says“Sometimes you just don’t jinette it” (then walks away in a middle finger path).
#jinete #tinkerbelle #mythical #finland creatures #lightning bugs
by Alakran Azul March 01, 2010
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