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An amazingly talented guitarist, with signature songs like Voodoo Child, Little Wing, Purple Haze, Red House, All Along the Watchtower, The Star Spangled Banner...etc. He only got to live for 27 years, but he was then easily remembered as the greatest guitarist in the world. He became the reason people learn to play guitar.
A: Hendrix fuckin' rules!!!!
B: Fuck yeah!!
by Austin January 06, 2005
47 12
a great musician, equall with Jim Morrison but Yngwie Malmsteen is a better guitarist
The morning is dead
And the day is too
There’s nothing left here to greet me
But the velevet moon
All my loneliness
I have felt today
It’s a little more than enough
To make a man throw himself away
And I continue
To burn the midnight lamp
by guevara April 19, 2004
27 243
An over-rated junkie who played the guitar like shit.
Jimi Hendrix is such a douche man. Needs to go back to the cotton farm and play the banjo.
by christw October 18, 2006
26 259
Sure Jimi is a great guitarist, but as one can see he is clearly OVERRATED. Many of the definitions that are already posted for Jimi are the same. "Jimi played the guitar with his teeth", "Jimi was on acid, he has to be awesome!", "Jimi lit guitars on fire!", blah, blah, blah. What song did Jimi play the guitar with his teeth on? Let me tell you, it was "The Star Spangled Banner", which I must say is one of the WORST guitar solos I have ever heard in my life. It sounds like crap. I don't even know how to play a fricken guitar let alone one with my teeth and I could still play something on a guitar that sounds better than that sorry excuse of music with a guitar pick taped to my butt. I could take a dump in the toilet and listen to the kerplunks in the water and still be more entertained. The only reason that Jimi is SO fricken popular is because he has so many fricken gimmicks that appeal to many idiots, who only appreciate what artists do and not what they create. Just because he did things such as lighting guitars on fire and getting high on acid during concerts doesn't mean he is the greatest guitarist. Sure he was good at the guitar but no more. Cleary anyone who can recognize quality music when they hear it can't say that Jimi was the greatest guitarist ever; his guitar playing sounds sloppy and just plain bad at times. If anyone really wants to hear the greatest guitarist of all time pop in a Led Zeppelin CD and you will instantly have your clothes ripped off by the explosive riffs of the true Guitar God. Jimmy Page is by far the greatest guitarist ever to live, and he doesn't need a bunch of fricken gimmicks to prove that. Just listen to these few Led Zeppelin songs: "Stairway to Heaven", "Dazed and Confused", "Heartbreaker", and "Communication Breakdown" and any other previous opinions you had of Jimi Hendrix will be shattered completely. Listen to the rest of Led Zeppelin and you will worship them as music gods.
Jimmi Hendrix = good guitarist that is totally and completely overrated.

Jimmy Page = The Greatest Guitarist ever.
by Hovdog August 22, 2005
78 318
shity guitar player...

any one who thinks he is good has no idea about what guitar is

and if you do play guitar you must suck at it to think jimi is good..
jimi hendrix sucks more then pamela anderson in the porno
by a/an August 10, 2006
25 302
He wasnt actually that good, true he was inventive inavative and different but his technique wasnt the best. Eric Clapton in my opinion has a much better technique and playing style and is much more clean and efficient in what he plays. He was still a good guy tho.
Hmmmmmmmm Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
by Icarus January 03, 2005
41 322
An excellent guitarist becuase he is just plain nigger. Known to break the boundaries of guitar playing becuase he was niggafied- in such ways as plucking the strings with his teeth because he cant afford a dentist becuase his family was unfortunatly, nigger. his afro inspired many nigs to pick up a guitar and steal it. His untimley death was the result of his tired nigger legs not wanting to sit in the back of the bus. when he was 12 his pops came home with a stolen guitar for jims, (typical nigger) the rest was history.
Billy: who would win Jimi vs. Eric clapton,,
Tommy: eric clapton wins regardless because jimi is a nigger.
Billy: Jimi hendrix couldnt spell his name correctly, isnt it jimmy?
Tommy: niggas aint educated
by Jmams September 11, 2005
68 356
For his time, the best guitarist ever to walk the earth. By todays standards, a little girl getting her cherry popped. Roope would own Hendrix. Make no mistake, he deserves an respect...but hes no latvala, no laiho, no malmsteen.
Cheesy Blues, Horribly written refuse, Pentatonic overuse
by Adrian March 19, 2005
30 360