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something that doesn't make sence.
that speach he did was all just jimble jamble to me.
by Candida January 15, 2007
A male clown's nether region, 'no no place', or 'where his bathing suit covers'.

Generally clowns are a festive bunch and as such, their package is often festooned with various comedic devices. The most popular way to spruce up one's 'jimble jamble' is to jam a decorative umbrella up the pee hole, which can often lead to hilarious results when using the restroom.

A great conversation starter.

Other varieties of jimble jamble include - popcorn necklaces, Dr. Seuss books, apple sauce, x-mas lights, a jar of almonds, and many more!
Hey bozo thats a nice looking jimble jamble you've got going on there. The red really brings out your nose.
by Tzacks July 10, 2009